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Pest Control Made Easy

Living with bugs can make you feel like you are on the battlefield every day of your life. Walking downstairs to see ants running free, dealing with bed bug bites in your bedroom and suffering from structural damage caused by termites are just some of the problems you might encounter. Here at Price Termite & Pest Control, we believe in making pest control easy. We want you to feel confident working with us, but we also want to make your home free from bugs. If you need an exterminator in Tequesta please call us now at (561) 744-4333 for a free estimate.

Termites and Our Guarantee

With two different types of termites found in southeastern Florida, we know that you might feel nervous after our exterminator in Tequesta treats your property and residence and leaves you on your own. With the guarantees that we offer, you’ll feel a little more relaxed when you see us walk out the door. We are one of the only companies to offer an exterminator guarantee that protects your home for up to $1 million in property damage caused by termites. Our annual program lets you pay one low rate to receive a regular inspection of your home. You can renew the service every year and receive protection against termites every year.

Types of Bugs We Battle

When choosing an exterminator in Tequesta, residents do so for a variety of reasons. Some find that there are ant hills in their backyards that led to ants in their kitchens and pantries, and others need help because they brought home bed bugs when they bought a new piece of furniture. Our pest control services cover those bugs and many others, including the silverfish that you see in your pantry and cabinets and the mosquitoes taking over your backyard. We guarantee that we will get the job done, and we’ll even come back to inspect your home at a later date.

Don’t Swat the Bugs, Call Us

Today is the day that you put down the flyswatter and pick up the phone. When they need an exterminator Tequesta locals know that we are the best in the business. We offer a level of follow-up care that no other local company offers, but this service ensures that we get rid of your bugs and that those bugs stay out of your home. Let our years of experience tackle your bug problem today. Call today at (561) 744-4333 for a free estimate.

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