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Flea Exterminator in Margate, FL

Pets Bring in Fleas

No matter how much you love your pet; you don’t love the fleas that your pet brings into your house. Fluffy or Fido can pick up fleas anytime the pet steps outside, even during a simple walk around the block or a trip to the vet’s office. These little fleas then feed off your pet’s blood and give birth to eggs that hatch and create an even more serious pest problem. We offer the treatments needed to eliminate any fleas living in your home so when you are in need of a flea exterminator in Margate, please call Price Termite & Pest Control now at (954) 984-4222 for a free inspection.

Where Fleas Live

As the leading flea exterminator Margate pet owners often contact us with questions about how to get rid of fleas. Though you might think this is an easy problem that you can treat with a bath and a few home remedies, those remedies will not kill all the fleas in your home. We know that fleas can jump off your pet and live inside your kennel, cage, the linens on your bed and even on the clothing in your closet. Though fleas typically stick close to your pets, you might find yourself suffering from flea bites if you leave the problem untreated.

Steps to Getting Rid of Fleas

At Price Termite & Pest Control, we take multiple steps to clean your home and remove all fleas. We recommend that you use a flea collar or another treatment method to reduce the risk of your pet bringing more fleas back into your house. Our flea exterminator experts will then get to work finding the source of the fleas, killing any adult fleas living in your home and removing any eggs they find to keep those eggs from hatching and infesting your home again.

Contact Price Termite & Pest Control Today

After taking your dog for a walk outside, you might see small black insects on your dog’s stomach or jumping off its fur. Those are fleas that your dog picked up in the great outdoors. While home remedies may remove some of the fleas living on your dog, those remedies won’t treat your entire house. That is why we offer professional flea exterminator Margate services for local pet owners. Let our exterminators treat your home, remove both adult fleas and eggs they find and give you the peace of mind that you desire for your family. Call today at (954) 984-4222 for a free estimate.

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