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Pest Control Service in Sebastian, FL

Affordable Pest Control Service in Sebastian

A common reason why locals don’t call for pest control service in Sebastian is because they worry about the cost for a professional exterminator. At Price Termite & Pest Control, we know that price is always a factor in how soon you treat your home and who you hire. That is why we offer affordable services that can fit any budget. We even have a price protection guarantee on all the termite services that we offer. Don’t let bugs and rodents take over your home because you have limited funds in your bank account. Call Price Termite & Pest Control at (321) 632-4171 to get help.

Termite Services

Florida is home to a unique species called subterranean termites. These termites actually live underground and build tunnels that can make the ground collapse. The worst part of all is that you usually won’t notice any signs of those tunnels until you see holes forming on your lawn. As the termites build new tunnels and develop larger colonies, those insects can even move underneath your home and lead to your home collapsing in on itself. If you need a termite pest control service Sebastian company to help you get rid of those termites, call us.

Other Infestations

As common as termites are, Florida homes are susceptible to other types of infestations as well. You might hear about bed bug infestations on the news and wonder if your home is susceptible to those bugs. If you bring any type of upholstery or cloth into your home, you’re at risk of bringing in bed bugs too. Other common problems that we deal with every day include mice, rats, flies, bees, wasps and squirrels. When a wasp or bee colony builds a hive on your property, you may hate going outside or even walking from your car to the front door. Our exterminators can take care of almost any infestation you can name.

Make an Appointment Today

Thousands of people have already made Price Termite & Pest Control their number one choice for pest control service in Sebastian and you should too. As the leading pest control service in the area, we provide locals with all the help they need for their homes and commercial properties. Whether dealing with termites, rodents, bed bugs or other pests, we offer treatments designed just for you. Make your appointment for a free inspection with a call to us at (321) 632-4171.

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