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Termite Removal in West Palm Beach, FL

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There are few pests that can cause as much damage as termites. Both subterranean and wood termites reproduce at an astonishing rate, and it will not take long for a few stray bugs to turn into one or more colonies. When it comes to termite removal West Palm Beach, the team here at Price Termite & Pest Control is devoted to helping families come up with long-term solutions that will prevent expensive infestations in the coming years. Please call us now at (561) 744-4333 for a free estimate.

Recognizing a Termite Infestation

Being able to recognize the initial signs of a termite infestation can help homeowners avoid thousands of dollars in damage. Depending on the type of termite that you have on your property, the warning signs might be slightly different. As a general rule, you and your family should keep an eye out for any unusual damage to organic materials such as wood and fabric. Over time, termites will also begin to leave their droppings near their food and water sources. These droppings resemble small pellets that are about the size of a large grain of sand.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

When you do recognize the warning signs of an infestation, it is time to start thinking about your options for comprehensive termite removal in West Palm Beach. Ignoring an infestation of any kind will quickly put your family and your property at risk. In addition to damaging organic materials, these insects can also bring down the value of your home. What started off as a small colony will quickly turn into a problem that could cost you and your family thousands of dollars over the years.

Prevent Future Termite Infestations

Scheduling service calls a few times a year is the single best way to avoid these issues altogether. Here at Price Termite & Pest Control, our team has over 80 years of combined experience dealing with these infestations. Our friendly technicians and inspectors can help you come up with plans to take care of current infestations and reduce your risk of future infestations. In addition to termites, we can assist you with all local pests including rats, mice, white flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, and more. If you are ready to get rid of your bug or rodent problem for good, then please call today at (561) 744-4333 for a free estimate.

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