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Termites in Boca Raton, FL

Termites Boca Raton: Pest Control for Termites Boca Raton

Termites might be the single most hazardous nuisance that can threaten your Boca Raton home. Even if your property was issued a clean bill of health by an inspector before purchase, a later infestation is not out of the question. At Price Termite & Pest Control, we know the level of destruction that these insects can cause. They can destroy floorboards, wreak havoc on entryways and even eat through walls, allowing other bugs and small animals to take up residence. Call us today at (954) 984-4222 at the first sign of infestation.

What Do Termites Look Like?

Chances are, at this very moment you may be living unaware with termites on your property. The many types that Boca Raton homeowners battle resemble one another in many ways. These pests are usually around one-inch long and have a deep brown exterior. Dampwood termites, which thrive in moist climates around the country such as Florida, are recognizable by their dark brown heads and brownish, almost amber colored bodies. Subterranean termites display off-white exoskeletons accented with dark brown on their backs and heads.

Tenting vs. Chemical Treatments

Two common remedies for destroying termites are chemical treatments (also known as spot treatments) and tenting. To conduct a chemical treatment, one of our exterminators applies a low-pressure spray around your house’s foundation and inside your walls. We may use different substances to perform two different functions: a termiticide designed to kill the insects on contact, and a repellent to make your home less attractive to new termite colonies. If you have a serious infestation, or the first two methods prove ineffective, tenting the building is the next option. With tenting, we can treat every inch of the house. This is an intensive process, so for your safety and comfort, you’ll need to stay elsewhere for a short time.

Get an Estimate Today

With the elimination of termites, the residents of Boca Raton will feel at ease knowing their homes are safe from these destructive pests. Homeowners will be free from worrying about potential damage to their porches, stairs, drywall or even flooring. If you notice any signs of termites or actually see these insects, call us to request a free estimate right away. We can also arrange for a full and thorough inspection of both your house and your surrounding outdoor property. Call us today at (954) 984-4222 and learn how we can help you eradicate any type of termite living in or around your home.

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