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Termites in Coral Springs, FL

Termites in Coral Springs: Pest Control for Termites

One of the most threatening problems facing your Coral Springs home just might be termites. Even if the initial inspection of your home resulted in a pest-free label, there is a chance that termites may infest your property later. At Price Termite & Pest Control, we know the consequences that those insects can bring to your home. They can destroy your front porch, eat through your floorboards and leave behind holes that will become entryways for additional pests and animals to enter through. Call us today at (954) 984-4222 when you first notice a termite – an immediate reaction could save your home!

What Do Termites Look Like?

The termites that Coral Springs residents deal with every day are standard, and there is a chance that these insects already reside in an area without a person even knowing it. These bugs are approximately one inch long and have a dark brown exterior. Dampwood termites, which are found in more humid parts of Florida and across the country, are often lighter brown exteriorly and have a dark brown head. There are also subterranean termites that have an off-white exoskeleton punctuated with dark brown elements around the top and head.

Tenting vs. Chemical Treatments

Two of the most common remedies for getting rid of termites are tenting and chemical treatments. Commonly referred to as spot treatments, chemical treatments occur when one of our exterminators places a chemical inside your home. Using a combination of chemicals that kills termites that come into contact with the substances, as well as repels other termites from entering the home again. Tenting is often a last resort and ensues when other treatments fail to work; serious infestations result in tenting as well. With tenting, we spray and treat every inch of your home, resulting in the need to find another place to stay during the process.

Get an Estimate Today

The extermination of termites allows Coral Springs residents to rest assured knowing that those bugs will not destroy their homes. Stairs, porches, drywall and even flooring are well protected after the extermination process. If you notice any signs of termites or actually see the pests, please call Price Termite & Pest Control, immediately, to request a free estimate. We can also arrange for a full and thorough inspection of both your home and your lawn. Call us today at (954) 984-4222 to learn how we can help you exterminate any type of termite living in your home.

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