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Termites in Pompano Beach, FL

Termites Pompano Beach: Pest Control for Termites Pompano Beach

One of the most serious issues that you may ever encounter as a homeowner is termite infestation. You may have had your Pompano Beach home and property inspected before you first purchased it and found it to be termite-free. But these colony-dwelling, wood-fiber loving insects can move into a home at any time. And when they do, real damage can be done. The technicians at Price Termite & Pest Control know firsthand just how much damage such an infestation can cause. Porches and decks can collapse; floors and ceilings are compromised and can coming crashing down. Even exterior walls aren’t safe from these mega-jawed intruders who can chew holes to the outside right through them. In order to protect the safety and health of your residence and your family, call us without delay at the first signs of infestation trouble at (954) 984-4222.

What Do Termites Look Like?

There are 3,106 known species of termites in the world, and “only” 83 of the species do significant damage to wooden structures. Florida’s warm, humid climate is a termite’s idea of paradise, and termites are certainly not shy about making their presence known in Pompano Beach. However, residents might have trouble telling the species apart. Termites are usually about an inch in length and dark brown in appearance. Dampwood termites love damp, decaying wood in southern Florida and have a dark brown head and lighter body. The more common subterranean termites have a whitish body with brown markings on its head.

Tenting Vs. Chemical Treatments

Regardless of the species, residential termites are usually removed by either tenting or chemical methods. Chemical methods (spotting) are generally used for lighter infestations. Technicians place chemical combinations in termite occupied areas throughout the house. The result is less residential interruption and a more attractive appearance to the home during treatment. Tenting is used for severe infestations, and this process involves covering the entire residence with fabric and applying chemicals to the entire structure beneath. It is not possible for occupants to remain in a home during a tenting procedure.

Get An Estimate Today

Once termites have been exterminated, Pompano Beach residents can rest easier, knowing that they have protected floors, ceilings, stairs, porches and drywall from further damage. Because termites are easier to permanently get out of a home before their colonies truly make themselves at home, it’s important to call an exterminator as soon as signs of termite damage are noticed. By calling our Price Termite & Pest Control today for a free estimate, not only will our technicians inspect your home, but they’ll also take a thorough look at your yard where termite trouble often starts. Call us today at (954) 984-4222, and let us help you maintain a termite-free home.

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