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Protecting Your Business from the Pests in South Florida

A commercial business in South & Central Florida can’t afford an infestation of any kind of vermin, especially insects or rats. They are not only a nuisance, but even worse, they can be a health risk. The solution to your commercial pest control issues is Price Termite & Pest Control. We have three decades in the pest control industry, as well as 80 years of combined experience among our certified technicians, inspectors and supervisors making us the go-to premier pest control company in the area and your answer to any unwanted infestation. Our multiple locations in Florida allow us to deliver our services immediately to your commercial business by calling 888-491-0929 for a free commercial pest control estimate.

The Destructive Nature of Termites

A combination of hot, moist weather conditions in Florida almost all year round attracts drywood termites. They are especially dangerous, since they can cause major structural damage before you even realize there is an infestation. They often establish colonies in older buildings. They may number in the thousands and are always hungry and happy to share your space. Using methods that range from a complete fumigation to spot treatments, we can eliminate a termite infestation and in the process save you greatly in repair bills. Our removal service, which comes with a guarantee to cover up to $1 million in termite damage, will ensure that your business will be free of these little pests.

Eliminating Other Pests

Florida is also a favorite home to several varieties of roaches, many different species of ants, two types of rats and an assortment of other critters, from bedbugs to silverfish. Roaches prefer living in a relatively small area of a commercial building, often in the areas where there is moisture like a kitchen or bathroom. Ants will often go where there is food, particularly liking sugar and protein substances. Rats can be found in trees on a property although they may also make themselves at home in an attic area. In addition to roaches, ants, and rats, we also provide pest control service for bedbugs, bees, flies, spiders, moths, etc. 

Not to fear, Price Termite & Pest Control, as part of our commercial pest control services, knows how to deal with every one of these nuisances. Contact us today at 888-491-0929 to make an appointment for a free, no obligation inspection.

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