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Have you ever seen a home covered by a tent? No, the house isn’t on a camping trip – it’s being fumigated for pests! Fumigation is a technique used to treat the home’s structure for pests. Fumigation is also conducted to destroy pests in silos, shipping containers, and imported products.

The fumigation experts of Price Termite & Pest Control are fully licensed and can walk you through the fumigation process. Our staff will assist you in preparing for fumigation to ensure the treatment is performed safely and effectively. Call Price Termite & Pest Control at 888-491-0929 to schedule a free inspection with a fumigation services expert.

Fumigation Safety and Verification

Price Termite & Pest Control is committed to the safe and effective removal of pests. We comply with all government regulations concerning fumigation and have company policies in place to further guarantee the safety and efficacy of our pest control treatments. By going above and beyond legal requirements, we deliver fumigation services quickly, safely and effectively. These include:

  • Careful screening
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Respected training programs

Price Termite & Pest Control Fumigation Procedure

Once our licensed professionals have determined a fumigation procedure is necessary to treat your pest problem, there are some steps that must be taken to prepare for safe and effective fumigation.

  • All pets must be removed from the home. They must not return until we have told you it is safe.
  • All plants must be removed, as the fumigation procedure could cause them harm.
  • Food must be sealed in the plastic bags provided or removed from the structure all together.
  • The ground surrounding the home should be moistened before the tent is set up. This will create a seal between the tent and the earth to prevent the fumigation gas from escaping the enclosed area.

You, your family, and/or your employees will also need to leave the home or business until fumigation is complete. Please make sure to follow these procedures thoroughly to ensure your home or business is safe during the fumigation process. A detailed Fumigation Preparation List is provided that outlines each and every step.

After the above steps are completed, the home or business will be tented. The tenting process involves covering the structure with a large tent, which is sealed properly to control the gas used to fumigate for pests. The gas utilized is effective for treating and eliminating the majority of pests; the gas can even penetrate woodwork to kill pests that burrow into wood, such as termites.

Pests Requiring Structural Fumigation

Price Termite & Pest Control offers a range of pest control methods, though, in some cases, fumigation is best for treating a particular pest issue. Extensive pest infestations typically require fumigation, especially when the home or building’s structure has been compromised.

Infestations of these pests may require fumigation to remove:

Experienced Fumigation Professionals

Price Termite & Pest Control has been in the pest control business for decades, performing fumigations on homes and a range of commercial buildings. If you find yourself with an infestation so extensive that tenting and fumigation is necessary, you’ll want to work with professionals who are experienced in safely and effectively performing this service. We ensure that you will receive the necessary information and guidance to safely prepare for the fumigation treatment, and we will perform a thorough fumigation so that all pests are wiped out.

Contact Price Termite & Pest Control at 888-491-0929 to schedule an appointment with our fumigation specialists.

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