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Landscaping Pest Control

Challenges abound on the Florida Atlantic Coast when it comes to keeping the lawn and plants on your property growing and healthy. There are many obstacles to overcome due to the heat, drought, high humidity and rainfall. With three decades of experience, Price Termite & Pest Control understands the challenges and has the dedicated workforce of technicians, inspectors, and supervisors that can provide you with the expert lawn pest control services that can give your lawn, trees and shrubs the treatment and protection necessary to maintain their best appearance and health. We help year round by helping your lawn and plants build a strong root system so they are resistant to pest and weed damage. The landscaping you need will be explained to you by one of our certified technicians after a free, no obligation inspection. We will discuss with you practical options while taking into consideration your budget. Call Price Termite & Pest Control at 888-491-0929 for a free estimate.

With over 80 years of combined experience from our expert staff, we have the knowledge to create a program that will help create and maintain a strong root system. This leads to landscapes that are more naturally resistant to pest and weed damage. In Florida, lawns with strong roots are more tolerant of drought, temperature extremes, and general usage.

We address and implement our first line of defense in the management of landscape pest problems with adequate fertilization. This will avoid nutrient deficiencies and keep plants healthy. Healthy plants resist pests and diseases. Some diseases and pests can be avoided altogether with careful fertilizer applications that are tailored to specific ornamental plants.


Ornamental plants are susceptible to pests and diseases. We counter this susceptible condition with the use of effective pesticides, which are applied to the ornamental plants in a granular form, a liquid foliar spray or a drench. The expertise and experience of Price Termite & Pest Control are required to make the correct diagnosis of a target pest or disease, which is essential in choosing an appropriate pesticide.


Create a healthy, lush lawn with regular lawn treatments for your property. Such treatments will assist you in maintaining the quality of grass that makes up your lawn, ensuring proper coverage. Through properly timed treatments throughout the spring and summer, crabgrass and other unwanted plants will be prevented all year long.


We offer an integrated management program where diseases are controlled by altering the environment, which makes it less favorable for disease development by suppressing the pathogen growth and decreasing the stress on the grass. The program involves a combined effort from you the homeowner, your landscape maintenance person and Price Termite & Pest Control’s inspectors and certified technicians. The goal of the integrated management program is proposed and implemented, as well as guided by the expertise and experience of Price Termite & Pest Control.

Lawn Disease Control

Weeds can multiply at an alarming rate, taking over your lush lawn rapidly. The best way to control weed growth is to prevent them from popping up. Professional weed control treatments are effective earlier in the season than do-it-yourself treatments, which are to be used once the weed has grown. Our effectively timed weed control treatment applications will help you stop weeds from growing and multiplying throughout the year.

Weed Control

Whiteflies can be detrimental to the plants on your property if they are not kept at bay. Infestations may lead to defoliation and branch die-back, creating a less than desirable landscape, while also damaging the health of your plants. Professionally administered whitefly control treatments will eradicate present infestations and prevent whiteflies from settling on your property in the future.

Whitefly Control

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Your friends and neighbors have chosen to rely on Price Termite & Pest Control’s dependable services for more than three decades. Our reputation for expertise and affordability makes us the go-to lawn pest control service in the area. Contact us today at 888-491-0929 for a free no obligation inspection and estimate.

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