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In Brevard, Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida, your home is your castle, and you are entitled to the enjoyment of peace and quiet. You pride yourself on keeping your house beautiful, cleanly, and comfortable, all of which contributes to your personal happiness. If rodents invade your home, not only your happiness and comfort is threatened, so is your health. Here at Price Termite & Pest Control, we know that rodents are not only irritating, but they can endanger you and your loved ones’ health, as well as chew through and eat whatever food or vegetation is available. Add to that the unsightly droppings that mark their presence in your home and you know it is time for a high-quality rodent control service with experts experienced in exterminating these unwanted pests. At Price Termite & Pest Control, we are experts with over 80 years of combined experience. Our certified technicians come in, do an inspection, and implement a very detail-oriented approach to removing these vermin from your home. If you’re ready to make your rodent issue a thing of the past immediately, call us now at 888-491-0929 for a free estimate.

Rodents chewing holes

Our Mission and Purpose

Here at Price Termite & Pest Control, we know your home is your haven and any interruption in your peaceful enjoyment of it by rodents must be dealt with immediately. That is why we will be out to your house as quickly as possible. Our fundamental mission is to offer you customer-centered rodent control services. By adopting a custom-first approach to our pest control services, we are able to custom build a rodent plan for your particular situation. 

A Staff of Experts

You will become acquainted with a staff of highly qualified experts who will work with diligence and dedication when you choose Price Termite & Pest Control for your rodent issues. You will receive fast and friendly service. It begins with your call, our technicians arriving on time and having fully-equipped trucks with the state-of-the-art equipment and ends with you returning to the peaceful and unhindered enjoyment of your home.

Looking for a Rodent Exterminator You Can Trust?

Inviting a stranger into your home is a scary experience, but when you choose us as your rodent exterminators, you’ll feel like you just invited over a friend. The technicians working for our company came to us with years of experience helping Florida homeowners in need, and they can help you, too. We use guaranteed methods to remove the rodents living in your attic, crawlspace or basement. We also offer help with outdoor rodents and those living on your roof.

Are There Rodents in Your Home?

Florida residents don’t like to think about the  rats and mice that might live inside their walls and basements or on their roofs, but when you find rodents in your home, you need to turn to a qualified pest control company. Price Termite & Pest Control has the qualified and dependable technicians that know rodent removal. Also, our techs arrive on time and are courteous while they locate the rodents and remove then! Please call us now at 888-491-0929 for a free estimate.

Have a Problem with Rats?

Florida is home to a number of rodents, including mice, squirrels and two different types of rats. Norway rats often live in cellars and basements, but even if your home lacks those features, you might still find the rats building nests around your home. Roof rats are just as common as Norway rats and tend to live in higher areas. Don’t let the name fool you, though. We see these rats living in eaves, inside the walls on higher floors, and in other common areas.

Where Rats Live

“Norway” and “Roof” are types of rats here in Florida. Although rats come in a wide range of types and sizes, the Norway rats and roof rats are the two more common types found in this area. The smaller roof rat is a vegetarian that can usually be found often living on roofs, in attics, and in higher areas of your home. The larger Norway rats, on the other hand, eat meat and are fond of eating food you have left out for your pets or from groceries. They live underground and must be specifically identified to properly remove their presence.

Signs of Rats

A common sign of rats is the appearance of their droppings. These droppings can range from the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a quarter or even larger. You may also hear unexplained scratching noises coming from inside your walls or in your attic. Depending on the size of the rats, you may hear noises that sound like footsteps or someone running across an empty room in your house. If you hear noises, now is the time to call the experts from Price Termite & Pest Control.

Signs of rats

Types of Florida Rodents

Homes in cooler climates often see rodents hibernating inside during the winter months. While Florida stays relatively warm in the winter, rodents can seek comfort in your home. Once inside, the animals can leave behind droppings, destroy the insulation in your walls, and eat through the wiring, causing electrical fires. Mice are common in southeastern Florida and so are Norway rats and roof rats. Roof rats seek out higher areas, while Norway rats live in basements and inside walls.

Exterminating Rodents

Rat and mice traps are potentially dangerous, and no one wants to come across a dead rodent on their floor. Many people prefer live traps, but they aren’t sure what to do with the live rats and mice that they trap. We offer a variety of solutions for your rodent problem, and we’ll go over each of those solutions with you before we begin work. Taking your concerns into consideration helps us learn what we need to do in your home. If you want to get rid of mice and rats, contact us today.

Find Freedom from Your Rodent Problem

Now is the time to eliminate your unwanted invasion of rodents. This is the time to reach out for exceptional, expedient service and that means Price Termite & Pest Control. Rodent invasions are no joke, and you are wise to take them seriously. Our staff of experts is ready to assist you now in rodent control and elimination. Contact us today at 888-491-0929 for a free inspection and a free estimate.

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