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The “Price Protection Plan”

In Brevard, Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida, homes new, old or in between are at risk for an ever present damaging force: termites. Unfortunately, your home may already be damaged, and you don’t even know it! The signs may not be visible until severe and costly damage is done. The vast majority of the population is unaware that property insurance policies do not cover termite infestation or the hundreds of millions of dollars in damage caused to structures each year. In order to minimize the costs of repair from termite damage, not to mention the heartache and headache associated with the discovery you will experience, we offer a way to mitigate the situation through our Price Protection Plan Guarantee for termite services. Contact us today at 888-491-0929 for a free inspection and termite control discussion.

Price Protection Plan – Complete Termite Control Services

Are you protected? You will be with The Price Guarantee.

Residents of Brevard, Broward, and Palm Beach County are most familiar with the old saying, “There are two types of homes: homes that have termites and homes that will have termites.” Termites are so prevalent in South Florida that multiple colonies may thrive on a one-acre parcel of land. Your property is no exception! Protecting your home or business from one of Florida’s most destructive creatures has never been so simple. Price Termite & Pest Control’s Termite Damage Guarantees offer a substantial value for a low annual fee.

  • Annual Termite Guarantees are available up to one million dollars in damage coverage.
  • Annual Termite Guarantee renewal will ensure ongoing protection.
  • Annual Termite Guarantee renewal includes a visual inspection of your property.

Call Price Termite & Pest Control today to schedule your FREE inspection and consultation to determine which termite protection plan and guarantee is right for you.

Species Treated:

Subterranean Termites

Price Termite & Pest Control can effectively reduce the infestation and damage caused to structures by subterranean termites with our Price Protection Guarantee. Subterranean termites live beneath the soil and seek out moisture and food sources, such as decaying plant material, lumber and other cellulose materials commonly found in building materials. Many colonies of subterranean termites may be found on a single parcel of land, and there may be up to tens of thousands of termites per colony. Subterranean termites can be effectively treated with several chemical soil treatments including the industry leading choice for termite professionals, Termidor®.

Signs of subterranean termites

It can be hard to spot an infestation of drywood termites. Their nests contain all the resources necessary for the survival of their colonies, so you’re not likely to see them out in the open. Signs of a drywood termite infestation include:

  • Accumulations of termite feces, which looks similar to sawdust
  • Wings that have been shed
  • Kick-out holes where termites have exited woodwork
  • Damage to woodwork, made by termites near the surface
  • Visible swarms of termites with wings

Additional Services Offered:

Control Your Termite Problem Once and For All

The best way to control your termite problem in Brevard, Broward, and Palm Beach County, Florida is to contact the go-to premier termite control company in the area, Price Termite & Pest Control. Our expert technicians can get rid of those termites, then locate the entry points to keep the termites away from your home. Don’t let those termites take over your home or keep your family huddled together in just a few rooms, leaving the other spaces to the termites. Contact us today at 888-491-0929 for a free estimate.

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