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Wasp and Bee Control

Stumbling upon a bee or wasp hive can really ruin your day outdoors. If you are allergic to bee or wasp stings, encountering a hive can be quite dangerous – even deadly.

Price Termite & Pest Control will work to rid your property of its bee or wasp problem. When it comes to removing a bee or wasp hive, this is a job you should really leave to our bee and wasp control experts. Our professionals have the skills and equipment needed to safely remove a hive full of threatened, swarming pests. Eliminating stinging insects is our specialty. You need not put yourself in harm’s way, risking multiple stings to get the job done.

If you’re in need of a bee and wasp removal specialist, call 888-491-0929 today, and you'll receive a free inspection and estimate.

Aggressive Yellow Jackets

The Problem: Stinging Pests

Multiple species of bees and wasps exist – nearly all of them have stingers and can attack you, especially if threatened. Their venom-filled stingers will inflict a nasty pinch, causing a painful bump for many people. For others who are allergic to their stings, more serious side effects can occur, such as anaphylactic shock.

Removing a hive can be risky for someone who is not experienced performing bee and wasp removal; a person can be stung a number of times. When dealing with wasps or hornets, just one pest can inflict multiple stings, continuously administering its venom.

Know the Types of Bees and Wasps

Certain bee and wasp species are prone to inflicting stings in swarms include:

  • Africanized Honey Bees, also called “killer bees,” are a cross of European and African bee subspecies. These stinging insects are capable of causing serious harm to humans. They are extremely aggressive and will attack in droves when their hives or nests are disturbed or they are subjected to loud noises. These bees are not only a threat to the lives of those who are allergic but also humans and pets who would have difficulty escaping their attacks including children, senior citizens, and the handicapped. When threatened, they may attack in large numbers, traveling 50 or more yards to chase down whatever or whomever they see as a threat, inflicting hundreds of bee stings.
  • Yellow Jackets are a well-known example of an aggressive stinging insect species. Because their stings can be very painful, it is best to avoid their hives and nests.
  • Hornets will attack if their hive is threatened or a drone hornet is killed. Since their stingers do not have barbs like honey bees’ stingers do, they can inflict multiple stings, as their stingers are not lost.
  • Carpenter bees are not known for attacking humans. However, they will inflict damage upon your house. Carpenter bees specifically go after wooden structures, drilling holes the size of a nickel into them.
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Bees are very beneficial to us and our environment, as they pollinate plants and create tasty honey. But, when they take up residence inside the walls of a building, they can do great damage. They may also sting when provoked.

In order to remove bees and wasps effectively, the species needs to be accurately identified. The type of bee or wasp will tell our professionals about its behaviors so we can utilize treatment methods that have been proven effective in removing hives and nests.

Price Termite & Pest Control treats several types of stinging insects within our service area, including:

  • Honey bees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Paper wasps
  • Yellow jackets

Be Aware of Bee and Wasp Sting Allergies

Some people are either hypersensitive or allergic to bee stings. Should a bee sting someone who is sensitive or who has an allergy, it can trigger a medical emergency. Anaphylactic shock, a rare but life-threatening symptom, can result. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 100 people die from insect stings each year in the U.S.

To prevent such medical emergencies, have hives and nests relocated by skilled professionals. The stinging insect experts at Price Termite & Pest Control can assist you safely and effectively.

If you encounter a single stinging insect inside your home and are concerned about being stung, simply squirt it with an aerosol spray can. This will immobilize its wings, and the insect will fall. You can then remove the insect from your home. Take care to avoid touching the stinger.

Professionals in Bee and Wasp Removal

The experts at Price Termite & Pest Control are thoroughly trained and have been certified to perform bee and wasp removal. We utilize effective methods and tools to locate and remove bee and wasp nests for your protection. Resist the temptation to handle hive or nest removal yourself. Our skilled technicians take the proper precautions to prevent removal from becoming dangerous.

Bee Hive

Get Rid of Bees and Wasps Today

When you choose Price Termite & Pest Control, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. Our hundreds of thousands of pleased residential customers will agree! For more information about bee and wasp removal, call 888-491-0929 for a free inspection and a free estimate.

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